Semigroups and delay equations, spring 2014

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Semigroups and delay equations, spring 2014


Mats Gyllenberg


10 sp.


Advanced studies


Basic knowledge of ordinary differential equations and linear partial differential equations, elements of functional analysis (including the Hahn-Banach, Banach-Steinhaus and closed graph theorems), elements of measure and integration (including the Riesz representation theorems) and a passion for pure mathematics.


The basic theory of one-parameter semigroups of linear operators on Banach spaces. Strongly continuous semigroups, adjoint semigroups. The abstract Cauchy problem. Perturbation theory. Spectral Analysis. Applications to nonlinear delay equations. The principle of linearised (in)stability.

The lectures will be based on material that has been published in books and journal articles (see bibliography below).


Weeks 3-9 and 11-18, Tuesday 14-16 in room D123 and Wednesday 14-16 in room C122. Two hours of exercise classes per week.

Easter Holiday 17.-23.4.


Final exam.



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