Event-history analysis, fall 2015

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Event-history analysis, fall 2015


Teacher: Sangita Kulathinal 

Scope: 7 op

Type: Intermediate/advanced studies

Teaching: Lectures and computer class working

Topics: The course first introduces the basic concepts and tool in standard survival analysis, including parametric and non-parametric inference of survival. Models with multiple states and many possible transitions between the states are then considered. Special emphasis is given to the likelihood construction under such event-history models. Each lecture is complemented with an R practical in the computer class, covering examples from various discipline. During the course, a number of review and research articles are discussed. The grading system will be discussed and decided upon in the first lecture.

Prerequisites: Studies in probability, statistical inference, linear models, data-analysis with R-program. In statistic major degree requirements this course is scheduled for students who have already taken the courses 57045, 57046,  57703, 57705, 57701, 57714.

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Teaching schedule

Weeks 36-39; Tuesday and Thursday 9-11 in room C129 and 11-13 in Computer class C128.


Discussion articles and home assignments

Course material

Lecture notes

Day 1 (Tuesday, September 1)

Day 2 (Thursday, September 3)

Day 3 (Tuesday, September 8)

Day 4 (Thursday, September 10)

Day 5 (Tuesday, September 15)

Day 6 (Thursday, September 17)

  • Lecture 9: Event history models II
  • Discussion article 1 (section 5)
  • Practical 6: Survival regression models in R (see Practical 3, melanoma.R)

Day 7 (Tuesday, September 22)

Day 8 (Thursday, September 24)

Home assignments

  1. coursework-diet.pdf
  2. coursework-oldmort.pdf
  3. coursework-mice.pdf
  4. coursework-divorce.pdf



Data sets:







baboon data





  • Odd O. Aalen, Ørnulf Borgan, Håkon K. Gjessing. Survival and event history analysis. A process point of view. 2008, Springer.

  • Göran Broström. Event History Analysis with R. 2012, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group
  • Clayton D and Hills M. Statistical Methods in Epidemiology, 2002, Oxford University Press, New York.


Research articles:

  1. Kieding, N. Event history analysis.Annu. Rev. Stat. Appl. 2014;. 1:333–60
  2. Per Kragh Andersen, Steen Z Abildstrom, and Susanne Rosthøj. Competing risks as a multi-state model.Statistical Methods in Medical Research 2002; 11: 203-215.
  3. Keiding, N, Hansen, OKH, Sørensen, DN and Slama, R. The Current Duration Approach to Estimating Time to Pregnancy. Scandinavian J of Stat 2012; 185-204.

  4. Kate Bull and David J. Spiegelhalter. Tutorial in biostatistics survival analysis in observational studies. Statistics in medicine, 1997; 16: 1041-1074

  5. Per Kragh Andersen, Niels Keiding. Multi-state models for event history analysis. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 2002; 11: 91-115..



Course feedback

Course feedback can be given at any point during the course. Click here.