Course on Geometric Satake isomorphism, spring 2014

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Course on Geometric Satake isomorphism, spring 2014


Xue Ting


5 sp.


Advanced studies


Basic algebra. 


This course aims to give an introduction to the geometric Satake isomorphism, which

is a first instance of geometric Langlands duality. The tentative topics of the course will

include the following: 

  • Basic introduction to affine algebraic groups, root datum, Borel subgroups, flag variety
  • Structure properties of reductive algebraic groups
  • Tannakian formalism, recovering a group from its representations 
  • Introduction to derived categories, perverse sheaves 
  • Affine Grassmannian 
  • Geometric Satake isomorphism

The topics might vary depending on the interest of the audience. 



Weeks 3-9, Tuesday 12-14 and Friday 14-16 in room B321


Weekly homework

Exercise Set 1 ES1.pdf

Exercise Set 2 ES2.pdf

Exercise Set 3 ES3.pdf

Exercise Set 4 ES4.pdf


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