Report an issue

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There will be some changes to this topic in the upcoming weeks. This article will be updated as new features are released. 

How to report an issue

You can only report an issue directly in Open IRIS if the admin has enabled the required button (pen symbol). By clicking on it a window will open asking for more information about the issue. You are required to give a title and an issue but it is also possible to mark the issue as urgent and to attach files. The issue gets submitted by clicking on "Submit". Clicking on "Close" will only close the window without submitting the issue. The admins of the resource will be informed automatically via email after the issue is submitted. Additionally the issue button gets a red circle around the pen symbol indicating the issue to other users. By hoovering over the symbol with the mouse a more detailed description about the issue becomes visible. Additional information about the issue can be found in the "Issues" tab in the details window of the resource (the details window opens by clicking on the symbol with the magnifying glass). 

demo_submit an issue.pngdemo_resource with issue.pngdemo_details about issue.png