Scheduler - Agent (installation, version

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The agent can be installed from here:

1.After installation you will need to configure the agent by selecting adapt settings (the local admin and provider admins do not require bookings by default):

image2017-2-16 21:8:34.png

2. You will see the settings screen if you are an admin on the computer:

image2017-12-22 4:12:50.png

Explanation of the settings:

  • IRIS Base URL: URL to your installation of IRIS
  • IRIS GUID: found on "Settings" tab of a resource
  • IRIS Secre Key: found on "Settings" tab of a resource
  • Agent Behavior:
  • Options:
    • Incl. Local Admins: by default local admins can login without a booking, but in some cases you may want to enforce on local admins
    • Show Clock: will show the countdown clock to the user and allow them to end the session
    • Send Email Expired: will send an email if a persons booking runs over the defined booking time (but the booking will continue to auto-extend until they logoff)
    • Stealth mode: operates in the background and is not enforced
    • Allow postponing agent enforcement: defines how long a user can postpone a booking when they login (if not checked they cannot postpone)
    • Clock scaling factor: defines how large the clock the user sees is
    • Unlock password: this allows the admins to change settings on the agent (as users may have admin rights so can access settings in some cases)
      Logging level: defines the amount of information placed into logs
  • Web Proxy Address: only required if your network is behind a proxy server (many are not, contact your IT if you are unsure)
  • Web Proxy Options: 
    • Enabled: enables the proxy option
    • BypassOnLocal: will bypass the proxy for local addresses within your network (typically not used in this case)
  • Test Connection IRIS: It is suggested to test this and get confirmation of the connection before saving the settings.
  • Exit and restart after saving: recommended to keep this checked

3. Save, and the agent will restart.