Statistical population genetics

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Statistical population genetics, Autumn 2015


Teacher: Sirkka-Liisa Varvio 

Scope: 5-10 cr

Type: Intermediate or advanced studies in statistics degree requirements.

This course will be in teaching curriculum in III teaching period (+ 5 cr additional module in IV  teaching period), not in II  teaching period. Teaching schedule:  Thursdays 14-19 in computer class.

In case you have planned to get credits from this course during II  period, and you have not previously taken the courses Statistical genetics or Biometry and bioinformatrics III, please send me an email (sirkka-liisa.varvio at to receive sets of assignments and/or home-exercises. These are from the previous courses (Stat gen and BB III), but will not appear as material in Statistical population genetics, Spring 2016 => if you do now these assignments/home-work, you can still participate the course in Spring 2016.

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