Software tools for statisticians, spring 2011

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Software tools for statisticians, spring 2011


Petri Koistinen


  • We started the course, after a delay of two weeks, on Mon 31 Jan.
  • The last lecture for part I will be held on Thu 3 March.
  • Part II consists of practical work projects which will be which will be arranged individually. If you are interested in part II, send a message to the lecturer.


3 cu (Part I only), or 6 cu (Parts I and II).

Grading is pass/fail. Arvosana-asteikko on hyväksytty/hylätty.


Intermediate studies.


Part I (the R software) does not have formal prerequisites. However, you are supposed to understand some basic statistical concepts.

Part II is mainly intended for EuroBayes students or students who major in statistics. In part II you need to

  • understand (elementary) multivariate probability
  • have some understanding of the Bayesian approach to statistics


Period III: Mondays 10-12 and Thursdays 10-12 in computer room C128.


This course consists of two parts, of which part one can be taken separately.

Part I: the R software

the main topics are

  • the R programming language
  • reading and writing data
  • R graphics
  • certain statistical facilities of R

This part can be passed by returning a sufficient number of solved exercises. (More details later.)

Part II: other software tools

This part can be passed by individual practical work. More information later.


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