Phylogenetic data analysis, spring 2009

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Phylogenetic data analysis, spring 2009


dos. Sirkka-Liisa Varvio

Scope and type

6-9 cu, advanced studies


Period IV, Monday 15.30-17 in room D123, Friday 12-14 in room BK106 (all in Exactum).


Lecture slides.pdf

Other material

week 1

week 2

distance matrix methods..pdf
                              Phylonews I..pdf
Maximum parsimony..pdf

week 3

                              Phylonews II.pdf
maximum likelihood.pdf


week 4

Modelling sequence evolution II.pdf
Frequentist and Bayesian tree confidence and credibility.pdf
                              Phylonews III.pdf


week 5


week 6

 Phylogenies of species and genes



(see last page of "Modelling sequence evolution I.pdf"


(see last page of "Distance matrix methods.pdf"



  • Monday, May 4.¬† 16-19 in room B123. In addition to lecture material there will be one question either¬† from this Article1.pdf, or from this Article2.pdf. The question is: Write a short essay, ~2 pages, on the basis of ArticleX. So, you can prepare these short essays in advance (and bring them with you within your mind, not written in paper). You are not supposed to understand everything in the papers (it is impossible !), try to understand something.
  • Passing the course worth 6 cu is based on the examination and home-exercises. Examination gives you 5 cu and home-exercises 1 cu.

Own project

  • Own project.pdf is worth 2 cu.
  • Literature survey: You can get one more cu by a short (~2-3 pages report) literature survey concerning phylogenetic inference, either practical or theoretical studies (or both).
  • In total you can get 9 cu from the course.