UKJ - Towards a New Library System

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"UKJ - Towards a New Library System" poster is presented at IFLA World Library and Information Conference in Helsinki, August 2012.

Libraries in Finland and their systems NOW

  • appr. 40 higher education libraries, 300 public libraries and 70 special libraries
  • 2 consortia (Linnea2 for mainly university libraries and AMKIT for libraries of the Universities of Applied Sciences), appr. 50 public library co-operational networks, councils for the different library sectors (university libraries, special libraries and public libraries)
  • appr. 10 different integrated library systems

Towards a New Library System

The aim of the process is to assess the feasibility of a library system entirety for all types of libraries in Finland. In the libraries in different library sectors in the daily
 routines, there are different traditions, domains of expertise, and social language. This will be the first case in Finland when representatives from different library sectors
 together formulate the hard core aims of the library system.

The project plan for new library system (UKJ) will specify the following

  • The necessary joint guidelines and culture (e.g., principles for lending and cataloguing)
  • Products and functions based on library systems
  • The opportunities and needs of joint databases (bibliographic, collections, customer and similar databases)


Appr. 70 people are involved in 8 working groups and a joint committee. All the groups are using a common wiki-site and email lists for documentation and informing, having a lots of web meetings as well as face-to-face meetings, workshops and webinars.