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What is TDM?

TDM is a wiki site that started from the needs of researchers in the Politics and Communication Programme of the University of Helsinki. TDM is at the same time a pedagogical tool and a database for digital methods in Social Sciences.

This site's goal is to help teachers and students interested in digital methods to find information on and learn about digital methods and their use, especially in Media and Communication studies, but also more generally in Social Sciences. It should be noted that TDM is built for the needs of social sciences, even though many of the methods can be applied to other fields as well. If this wiki was built by a data scientist, for example, it would look very different.

As an open wiki, everyone is allowed to edit TDM and improve its contents. The contents of TDM are mainly in English, but some information is also provided in Finnish. Digital research methods are constantly developing – hopefully, this database is too! 

TDM is administrated by the Politics and Communication Programme of the University of Helsinki and was originally funded by the project Opetuksen Toteutuksen Digiloikka (Digital Leap). After that, the wiki has been actively updated by the Rajapinta research association.

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