Video communications facilities

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Video communications facilities enable the utilisation of AV technology for bidirectional connections using, for example, Zoom or Teams.

Instructional videos on the page:

1. Basic control panel functions

2. Video communications (Zoom/Teams)


You can use the control panel to, for example, toggle between image sources for the projector (the audio will be relayed simultaneously to the speakers) or to adjust the lighting and audio in the room.

Instructional video for using the control panel in the lecture room:

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The video communications equipment enables bidirectional connections using the camera and microphones in the room on the computer video-conferencing software.

Instructional video for using video communications equipment in lecture rooms:

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The video communications software Zoom is suitable for meetings, seminars and remote teaching. Zoom instructions:

Instructions for using Zoom and other video equipment in teaching:

If you have any questions related to presentation technology, you can contact AV-services:

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