Seminar talks fall 2013

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Talks during the fall term 2013

Wed 4.9.2013 12-14, C124
Tapani Hyttinen: More on a cover of the multiplicative group of complex numbers

Wed 11.9.2013 12-14, C124
Gianluca Paolini: Dependence Logic in Algebra and Model Theory

Wed 18.9.2013 12-14, C124

Wed 25.9.2013 12-14, C124
No seminar.

Wed 2.10.2013 12-14, C124
No seminar.

Wed 9.10.2013 12-14, C124
Jouko Väänänen: Extended dependence logic and set theory

Wed 16.10.2013 12-14, C124
Jouko Väänänen: Extended dependence logic and set theory (continued)

Wed 23.10.2013 12-14, C124
Misha Gavrilovich: A category theoretic point of view on Shelah's covering numbers

Abstract: We observe that the covering numbers of Shelah, and the notion of a measurabe cardinal, can be interpreted as invariants/properties of partial orders. We also observe that these partial orders can be viewed as a model category, and this provides a homotopy theoretic point of view on these notions.

Wed 30.10.2013 12-14, C124
Jukka Corander: Labeled Directed Acyclic Graphs: a generalization of context-specific independence in directed graphical models

Abstract:  We introduce a novel class of labeled directed acyclic graph (LDAG) models for finite sets of discrete variables. LDAGs generalize earlier proposals for allowing local structures in the conditional probability distribution of a node, such that unrestricted label sets determine which edges can be deleted from the underlying directed acyclic graph (DAG) for a given context. Several properties of these models are derived, including a generalization of the concept of Markov equivalence classes. Efficient Bayesian learning of LDAGs is enabled by introducing an LDAG-based factorization of the Dirichlet prior for the model parameters, such that the marginal likelihood can be calculated analytically.

Wed 6.11.2013 12-14, C124
Miika Hannula: Hierarchies in inclusion logic

Wed 13.11.2013 12-14, C124
Jouko Väänänen: Stationary logic and supercompact cardinals

Wed 20.11.2013 12-14, C124
Jouko Väänänen: Stationary logic and Martin's Maximum

Wed 27.11.2013 12-14, C124
Gianluca Paolini: (In)dependence Logic and Abstract Independence Relations

Abstract: We generalize the results of [Paolini & Vaananen, 2013] working in the framework of abstract independence relations. We prove a general completeness theorem for the independence atom under the assumption that we are able to find a particular independence configuration in the monster model.

Wed 4.12.2013 12-14, C124
Kaisa Kangas: TBA

Wed 11.12.2013 12-14, C124
Hannu Nissinen: PTIME and Generalized Quantifiers