Using a keyring

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A keyring is a piece of software that other software, such as browsers and email clients, use to store secrets so that even the system administrators cannot access them. These include include saved passwords, gpg private keys and ssh private keys.  Chrome browser does not work properly without a working and open keyring. 

By default, the keyring used in the Cubbli is encrypted using your AD password (the same that you use to login to university services).
This means that whenever the AD password is changed (= at least once a year) the keyring password also needs to be changed (unless you want to continue using the old password or some other password with your keyring). 

Only you can change your keyring password. The administrators don't know your keyring password and cannot change it for you.

After your AD password has changed

(also use this utility to change the login password on a frehsman´s laptop [a.k.a fuksiläppäri]

If at login you are prompted for a login keyring password, type in your old AD password if you want to unlock the keyring.


  1. start seahorse (press the Windows key, type seahorse and press enter) [on the menu system it is called 'Passwords and keys'] 
  2. If you remember your old AD password (that was used when the keyring was created)
    1. change the password of the login keyring to be the same as your current AD password
  3. if you don't remember your old AD password
    1. delete the login keyring
    2. next time you login a new, empty keyring will be initialized

 The next time you after login, you won't be asked for a keyring password.