Freshmen laptop 2020

Last modified by Mikko Halmela on 2024/02/14 09:29

This is page for information about the freshmen laptop 2020. There are multiple other information sources (mostly in Finnish) which you should check also:

Known problems

  • The first login screen is using US keyboard layout instead of Finnish layout (this is a bug). If your password isn't accepted it is likely caused by wrong keyboard layout. 

Login using Eduroam before leaving University's premises!

If you get your laptop with Cubbli/Linux installation you need to use Eduroam for your first login. Eduroam is only available in University's premises. 

OS installation is Cubbli 20

The OS is the new Cubbli 20 Linux, which is based on Ubuntu 20.04. Sadly, features are still missing and there are likely to be things which need fixing. Please report problems and suggestions to 

Current Cubbli 20 project status is available from page Cubbli 20.04 project

I need to use Windows in Cubbli!

The laptops have a Windows home OEM license which can be used for installing Windows 10 in a virtual machine. Automated install script for this will be made available later, when it has had some more testing. The same script can also be used in older Cubbli laptops to run a Windows VM. 

I want sudo rights for Cubbli.

You can have them, but first consider that you don't need sudo rights for nodejs, npm, python, ruby, R, compiling programs and libraries or Java installation. If you Google and find web pages which tell you otherwise, they are likely wrong. If something useful is missing from Cubbli please contact Helpdesk or the Telegram channel and it is likely to get installed by default. If you are a CS department student you are free to replace the Cubbli Linux installation with your own. However all the University system and software integration (and future updates) will be missing then. Administrative rights


The laptop model is Lenovo Thinkpad T490 (Link to Lenovo's page heavy with marketing). It has 16 GB of RAM, 3.6GHz CPU (Intel i5-8265U), single 50500mWh battery and 512 GB storage (Western Digital PC SN720 NVMe SSD 3,400/2,500MB/s). The display resolution is 1920x1080 (the exact panel type is still unknown). It has two regular USB-ports, one USB-C port and one combined USB-C + Thunderbolt port. One of the USB-C ports is needed for power supply. It also has a port for wired network (1Gbit/s), HDMI, MicroSD card and 3.5mm audio. 

Complete hardware list.