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With Cubbli 22 you can use any Internet connection for the first login. Easiest and best option is a wired network  connection. 

The first login screen installs all missing updates and connects to the Helsinki University network for first time user account validation. After your user account validation is completed, your user account will also work offline. 

The computer needs to have a working Internet connection to the Helsinki University for this to work. If the computer was updated from older Cubbli installation all wireless Wi-Fi connections have been forgotten and you need to reconnect to your Wi-Fi. 

  1. Preferred and easiest: Just plugin a wired network connection. Wired network over USB works too.
    1. Network over USB wire to a cell phone is counted as a wired network and should work fine if and only if you are willing to pay your cellular data plan costs for downloading multiple gigabytes of data.
  2. Eduroam  (if available) is used by default when wired network is not available,  or
  3. you can also connect to any visible wireless network.

If you see a "Cubbli first boot in progress" window, let it run all configuration and updates before proceeding. Then close the window by clicking "Close". You can safely ignore the error message "FIRMWARE UPDATE FAILED":

Wait for updates to finish. 

Now you can close the update windows. 

Next, login with your Helsinki University user name and password (please click 'ok' with your mouse, the 'Enter' key is not functional on the dialog)

The keyboard layout is Finnish. Use your current user account (the old local laptop password will not work anymore). The connection will be secured by VPN automatically, if needed. 

Login with your AD account. 

Wait for connection to the University network.

Connection succesfully established.

Hit Ok at lower right to proceed to normal login. 

If you clicked Ok at lower right before completing first account creation, please restart the computer and try again.

The normal login screen when the account creation is finished:

Use your University AD account

And your current University AD password

The first login might take a while (few minutes at max). If you want to access your cloud accounts you can add them after succesful login, but it is safe to just skip them. 

If you don't like Gnome, you can select different Desktop Enviroments from the login screen with the settings button at lower right after giving your user account:

After the first login, when you reboot the computer for the first time, it will once more go to the autologin-window


You can click "OK" and it will get you to the login screen.

More info on Remote access to University resources.

Problems? Contact helpdesk