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There will be some changes to this topic in the upcoming weeks. This article will be updated as new features are released. 

Enable issue reporting

In order to receive issue notifications for your resources, you need to display the issue button. To do so you need to open the resource settings and select the users who should be able to see the issue button in the drop-down menu in the tab "Options". The possibilities are "Nobody", "Users who can book" and "Users who have access to my provider". It is also possible to tick "Hide submitted issues by default". This means that submitted issues will not be published automatically but flag them as hidden. To save the changes click "Update". Now the selected users can report issues of the resource. 

Display issue button

Users can subscribe to issues if the subscription is enabled. And it is possible to enable an automatic notification to users about submitted issues. 

Notify users of submitted issues

How to deal with an issue 

When a user reports an issue you will be informed automatically via email. You can deal with this issue directly in the mail or as usual in the ADMIN.INBOX. A pending issue is highlighted in white. By clicking on the gear wheel a new window opens where you can edit the issue. The status can be changed to "pending", "closed", "active" and "rejected". Additionally it can be stated whether the resource is "fully functional" (online, marked in green), "partly functional" (online, marked in orange) or "out of service" (offline, marked in red). This will be displayed with the resource as information for further bookings. If the resource is set to be "out of order" it is not possible for users to make bookings.

It is possible to set an issue to hide by clicking on the respective button. If "Hide submitted issues by default" is enabled in the options of the resource every submitted issue is automatically hidden. Hidden issues will not be shown in the booking window, the issue tab of the details window of the resources and in the scheduler view. Also no notification will be send to the people, who subscribed on issues for your resource. The notification will be send once the issue is unhidden. Users will also not be notified about hidden issues even if the button "send submitted issues to users with bookings" is enabled. Again, once the issue is unhidden the users will be informed. 

ADMIN.INBOX with issueEdit an issue

In addition to the "Details" tab there is the "Attachments" tab where documents can be uploaded and attached to the issue as well as the "Notes" tab. The latter can be used to send short messages to the submitter, the admins or the assigned users. 

Add notes to an issue