Imaris offers wide variety of tools that allow relatively easy visualization of 3D data and turning your data into a video. Imaris 9.5 quick manual can be found here. Fiji/ImageJ can also be used to turn a series of tif's into a video.  Fiji is rather well documented and instructions on turning a series of images into a video can be found here.  If you want to do something more complex do not hesitate to contact LMU.  In case we cannot help you we should still have an idea for where to look for more information. 

Imaris can be found on LS Workstation, 3D Workstation and Helmi 3D virtual workstation.
LMU staff trains people to use Imaris software using the user's own data. 

Imaris manuals are written by engineers for engineers and can be tricky to work with.  Here are instructions for creating surfaces in Imaris manually. You should not try this unless you have tried automatic segmentation first.