It is possible to run virtual machines (VM) inside Cubbli hosts, including virtual machines running Windows OS. However, please consider the following options first:

Virtual machines inside Cubbli hosts should be used for:

Cubbli can also be run inside a virtual machine. It should work fine in all modern hypervisors, including VMWare, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM and Virtualbox.

We recommend you use KVM+Qemu hypervisor in Cubbli. Virtual machines extensions (VT-x) should be enabled in BIOS and sudo rights are needed for installation. If you don't have access to BIOS and sudo access, you should contact helpdesk for instructions. Hypervisor installation can be done remotely by helpdesk, but BIOS changes need local access to machine.  

Using KVM+Qemu as hypervisor and virt-manager as GUI

Using Virtualbox as hypervisor and GUI (DO NOT!)