Information about the course:

PAP318 Galaxy formation and evolution (Galaksien synty ja kehitys)

Lecturer: Prof. Peter Johansson (Room D311)
Course assistant: Dr. Stuart McAlpine (Room D326) & Dr. Shihong Liao (Room D325)

Lectures: Fridays  12.15-14.00. Due to the Corona virus situation this course will be organised as an online course, with all lectures given over Zoom. The  problem sets will be appear on the course homepage and the problem set answers are returned by email to the course assistant.

Problem sessions: Fridays 14.15-16.00 in Zoom, every two weeks on the following dates: 18.9, 2.10, 16.10, 6.11, 20.11, 4.12
First lecture on 6.9.

Course material:    

  1. M. Longair: "Galaxy formation", 2nd ed. Springer, 2008
  2. H. Mo, F. van den Bosch & S. White: "Galaxy formation and evolution", Cambridge Univ. Press, 2010

Final exam:

Course dates and syllabus:

Lecture 1: 04.09.2020: "Introduction to galaxy formation and overview"

Lecture 2: 11.09.2020: "Observations of galaxies"

Lecture 3: 18.09.2020: "Cosmology and the evolution of small perturbations"  – Problem session 1

Lecture 4: 25.09.2020: "Jeans' instabilities and horizons in an expanding Universe"

Lecture 5: 02.10.2020: "Baryonic and dark matter models of galaxy formation" – Problem session 2

Lecture 6: 09.10.2020: "Correlation functions and the spectrum of the initial fluctuations"

Lecture 7: 16.10.2020: "Non-linear evolution of dark matter haloes" – Problem session 3


Lecture 8: 30.10.2020: "Formation and evolution of gaseous haloes"

Lecture 9: 06.11.2020: "Star formation and supernova feedback in galaxies" – Problem session 4

Lecture 10: 13.11.2020: "Formation of disk galaxies"

Lecture 11: 20.11.2010: "Galaxy interactions and transformations"  – Problem session 5

Lecture 12: 27.11.2020: "Formation of elliptical galaxies"

Lecture 13: 04.12.2020: "Formation of active galaxies" – Problem session 6

Lecture 14: Wed 9.12.2020 at 14.15, note the unusual time: "Summary lecture"



Videos showing the formation of disk galaxies also by the FIRE collaboration:

Problem sets:

Final results and course grading:

Set of equations that will be distributed in the exam: