Stellaris 8 installed in back half of room B501b, Zeiss LSM 780 shifted to front. Leica AxioImager 2 moved to room B502b. EVOS moved to 504b.

4220.10Stellaris shipment arrives

21.10Zeiss LSM 780 dismantled (Risto)

22.10Installation room modifications (electrics, pressurized air)
4325-28.10Stellaris installation
441.11Basic training for BIU personnel (Vesa) confirmed

3.11Zeiss LSM 780 set-up (Risto)

4.11Zeiss LSM 780 back in use
4723-25.11Stellaris training by Leica specialist (Daniel Smeets) confirmed

22.11Daniel arrives, system check, BIU training

23.11Training, details

24.11Training, details

25.11Training, Daniel leaves 13:00

Samples for Leica training

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