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Torstain työpajaohjelman löydät alta – tutustu ja ilmoittaudu! / Find Thursday's workshop programme below!

Työpajoista / General information about the workshops:

Osallistujien on mahdollisuus järjestää Rajapintapäivien teemaan sopivia työpajoja. Jos sinulla on idea työpajasta ja mahdollisuus sen toteuttamiseen, otathan rohkeasti yhteyttä Ilmoitathan työpaja-ideasta viimeistään 4.11., jotta ehdimme markkinoimaan tapahtumaa!

Työpajojen ehdottajat vastaavat järjestelyistä (kuvaus, sisältö, työpajan vetäminen, käytännön järjestely). Työpajat voidaan järjestää virtuaalisesti tai paikan. Työpajan voi järjestää paikkakunnalla, joka järjestäjille parhaiten sopii. Rajapinta Ry. osallistuu työpajojen markkinoimiseen ja voi auttaa mahdollisen tilan löytämisessä.

Työpajat voidaan järjestää joko virtuaalisesti tai paikan päällä, kunhan huomioidaan mahdolliset koronaan liittyvät rajoitukset. Työpajan voi järjestää paikkakunnalla, joka järjestäjille parhaiten sopii.  


We encourage participants to arrange their own workshops related to Rajapinta's focus areas.

The organizers are in charge of the event (content, event description, hosting, and practicalities). The organizer can decide the location of the workshop. The workshop can be held virtually or offline based on the organisers’ wish. Rajapinta ry. takes part in marketing the events and can help in finding a location for them.

If you are interested in arranging a workshop, please contact Please let us know about your workshop by 4.11. – the sooner you do, the more time there will be to promote it!

After the workshop-program is published, register to the workshops by sending an email directly to the workshop organisers. 

CSC Workshop: Python ja Kielipankki

CSC (IT Center for Science) will cover the following topics:

- Very brief overview of CSC's services relevant for novice social sciences and humanities users
- How to get a CSC account
- Introduction of Puhti and Puhti Web as the simple gateway to CSC
- How to write and run Python code via Puhti Web
- How to access some Kielipankki services via API

The workshop is organized in English. The presentations will be given by our specialists Laxmana Yetukuri and Sam Hardwick.

Time: 10.00–12.00
Format: online
Contact person: Katri Tegel Development Manager, Tools for Data Driven Sciences, CSC. Email:, tel:+358443056190
Register: directly to the contact person

How to collect Instagram data using Story Saver

The idea of this work shop is to give a quick introduction to the Instagram Story Saver, a free tool for downloading Instagram stories and videos, and test it in practice. Come and share your questions, ideas and experience in working with audiovisual data! No previous knowledge is required.

Time: 12.00-12.45
Format: live, Snellmaninkatu 10
Organizer: Nuppu Pelevina (
Register by email to the organizer.

Toolkit for Digital Methods wikithon

TDM is a wiki site that started from the needs of researchers in the Politics and Communication Programme of the University of Helsinki. TDM is at the same time a pedagogical tool and a database for digital methods in Social Sciences. This site's goal is to help teachers and students interested in digital methods to find information on and learn about digital methods and their use.

In this wikithon workshop we will jointly identify development ideas, missing pages and pages that need updating. No preliminary knowledge needed: you are most welcome to join with or without knowledge of digital methods - this workshop also acts as a general discussion space around them, an opportunity to learn more and ask questions. However, be also bravely prepared to get your hands dirty with some wiki editing!

Time: 14.00-16.00
Format: live, Snellmaninkatu 10 & hybrid on Zoom
Organizers: Salla-Maaria Laaksonen ( & Janne Matikainen (
Register and get Zoom-info here

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