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OpenID Connect -koulutus

8.10. OpenID Connect -protokollan hyödyntäminen käyttäjätunnistamisessa
ja valtuuttamisessa. Rekisteröidy viimeistään: 1.10.2019


Advanced Gromacs, HADDOCK + PMX Workshop

9.-11.10. Two day intensive workshop is organized as a collaboration
with BioExcel, CSC and PRACE. It consists of lectures and hands-on
tutorials introducing HADDOCK, pmx and instructions on how to improve
Gromacs perfomance on HPC platforms. HADDOCK is a versatile
information-driven flexible docking approach for the modelling of
biomolecular complexes. PMX is a service for users who need to do free
energy calculations. Registration deadline: 27.9.2019


Introduction to Parallel Programming

23.-25.10. The course introduces the basics of parallel programming with
the message-passing interface (MPI) and OpenMP paradigms. The course
consists of lectures and hands-on exercises. Registration deadline:


Geocomputing in Puhti supercomputer

4.11. How to use CSC computing resources for spatial analysis.

methods for spatial data. Registration deadline: 27.10.2019


Practical machine learning for spatial data

5.-6.11. This course gives a practical introduction to use machine
learning, inc deep learning, methods for spatial data. Registration
deadline: 28.10.2019


Schrödinger Maestro Hands-on workshop

7.-8.11. Learn to power use the Schrödinger Maestro molecular modeling
suite and the Materials Suite through lectures and hands-on training.
Registration deadline: 30.10.2019


Pouta Cloud Course

13.11. This course gives you a practical introduction for using CSC's
Pouta cloud services. The Pouta cloud services are meant for all fields
of science & research. It allows users to solve computational challenges
which have not previously been possible to run on CSC's other computing
systems. Registration deadline: 6.11.2019


Fundamentals of container clouds with Rahti

14.11. In this course the fundamental concepts of Kubernetes based
container orchestrators are illustrated using the Rahti platform from a
practical viewpoint. We shall focus on the users point of view for using
rahti and aspects important for running and maintaining containerized
workloads are emphasized. Registration deadline: 7.11.2019


Practical Machine Learning

19.-20.11. This course gives a practical introduction to machine
learning, including basic approaches to classification, regression,
dimensionality reduction and unsupervised learning. We will cover, among
other things, linear classification and regression, nearest neighbor
methods, support vector machines, decision trees and neural networks.
Registration deadline: 12.11.2019


CodeRefinery workshop in Espoo

10.-12.12. How is a researcher to know what the best tools and practices
are without investing three to five years in getting a second degree in
computer sciences and engineering? That's what this CodeRefinery
workshop is all about!


Join our free webinars on data!

CSC Webinars is a series of short, on-line technical talks followed by a
free-form discussion of the topic at hand or of other issues raised
during the discussion. Everyone is welcome to participate! Join our
webinar series on data below:

15.10. Fairdata PAS-palvelu >> Missed a webinar? Don't worry, we record them! You can find all our past
webinars on our YouTube channel .

Check all the upcoming courses, webinars and events at 
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