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1. Opintojakson nimi

Materiaalifysiikan perusteet

Materialfysikens grunder

Fundamentals of Materials Physics

2. Opintojakson tunniste (koodi)


Aikaisemmat leikkaavat opintojaksot 53058 Materiaalifysiikka I, 5 op.

3. Opintojakso pakollisuus/valinnaisuus

Bachelor's Programme in Physical Sciences is responsible for the course.

The course belongs to optional studies in physical sciences and it may be included to the intermediate studies- study module in each study track.

The course is available to the students from other degree programmes.

4. Opintojakson taso (alempi/ylempi/tohtori /eurooppalaisen viitekehyksen(EQF) tasot 6,7,8)

Kanditaso=alempi korkeakoulututkinto/EQF-taso 6. Aineopinnot

5. Opintojakson suositeltu suoritusajankohta/vaihe

The recommended time for completion: Second or third year.  For the students of Bachelor's Programme in Physical Sciences either after or at same time as FYS2005 Kvanttifysiikan sovelluksia - Atomit ja molekyylit and FYS2006 Kvanttifysiikan sovelluksia - Tiivis aine ja alkeishiukkaset.  The course can be taken already during second year of studies if prerequisites are applicable.

6. Opintojakson järjestämisajakohta lukukauden/ periodin tarkkuudella

The course is offered every year in the autumn term, period II.

7. Opintojakson laajuus opintopisteinä

5 op

8. Opintojaksosta vastaava opettaja

Flyura Djurabekova

9. Opintojakson osaamistavoitteet

  • Comprehend why the design of structure in all classes of materials has profound impact on observed properties.
  • Identify different types of structure in all classes of materials.
  • Define crystal structures and identify phases using x-ray/electron/neutron diffraction.
  • Describe the impacts of defects at the atomic and microstructure scales.
  • Interpret unary and binary phase diagrams, understand the concepts of solid solution and solubility limits, and be able to predict the development of microstructures and impacts of phase transformations.
  • Explain diffusion phenomena.
  • Explain properties of composites based on their individual components and their properties
  • Explain the qualities and quantifications of mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical, magnetic, and chemical properties.

10. Opintojakson toteutus

The course is completed by returning the weekly exercises and taking the course exam. Alternatively, the course can be completed in general examination.

11. Edeltävät opinnot tai edeltävä osaaminen

Periodic table of elements, basics of quantum mechanics, electron orbitals

12. Suositeltavat valinnaiset opinnot

MATRES Master's De­gree Pro­gramme - Ma­ter­i­als research

13. Opintojakson sisältö

  • Different classes of materials, why materials are important to the modern society
  • Atomic structure and interatomic bonding
  • Structure of solids
  • Defects and imperfections in solids
  • Polymers
  • Composites
  • Phase diagrams
  • Phase transformations
  • Advanced modern materials, hot topics

14. Suositeltava tai pakollinen kirjallisuus

Course textbook: Materials Science and Engineering (W. D. Callister & D. G. Rethwisch) (any edition)

Additional and good supporting material:

The Physics and Chemistry of Materials (J. I. Gersten & F. W. Smith)

Introduction to Materials Engineering and Science (B. S. Mitchell)

15. Oppimista tukevat aktiviteetit ja opetusmenetelmät

Weekly  lectures and graded exercises. The exercises can be completed either independently or in the exercise sessions with the help of the course assistant. Lecture slides and other material will be uploaded to the course's Moodle page.

16. Arviointimenetelmät ja –kriteerit sekä arvosteluasteikko

Grading  scale 0-5. The evaluation is based on the general teaching guidelines at the Physics Department . However, on this course the both the exercises and exam affect 50 % on the grade.

17. Opetuskieli

Suomi / englanti.

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