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Seminar info and schedule

For the spring of 2018 we'll discuss about different interactions between surface processes and mantle dynamics.

Seminars will take place on Wednesdays at 12:00-13:30 in room D501 of the Exactum (unless otherwise noted).

 A tentative schedule of readings is below.

DateDiscussion leader(s)Topic and papers
14.2.2018--Organizational meeting
21.2.2018LarsBraun, J., 2010. The many surface expressions of mantle dynamics. Nature Geoscience, 3(12), p.825.
28.2.2018JorinaHoggard, M.J., White, N. and Al-Attar, D., 2016. Global dynamic topography observations reveal limited influence of large-scale mantle flow. Nature Geoscience, 9(6), p.456.
7.3.2018DaveBraun, J., Guillocheau, F., Robin, C., Baby, G. and Jelsma, H., 2014. Rapid erosion of the Southern African Plateau as it climbs over a mantle superswell. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 119(7), pp.6093-6112.

Shephard, G.E., Müller, R.D., Liu, L. and Gurnis, M., 2010. Miocene drainage reversal of the Amazon River driven by plate–mantle interaction. Nature Geoscience, 3(12), p.870.

Sacek, V., 2014. Drainage reversal of the Amazon River due to the coupling of surface and lithospheric processes. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 401, pp.301-312.

21.3.2018LarsSteinberger, B., 2007. Effects of latent heat release at phase boundaries on flow in the Earth’s mantle, phase boundary topography and dynamic topography at the Earth’s surface. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 164(1-2), pp.2-20.
28.3.2018JorinaKiraly, A., Faccenna, C., Funiciello, F. and Sembroni, A., 2015. Coupling surface and mantle dynamics: A novel experimental approach. Geophysical Research Letters, 42(10), pp.3863-3869.

Karlstrom, K.E., Coblentz, D., Dueker, K., Ouimet, W., Kirby, E., Van Wijk, J., Schmandt, B., Kelley, S., Lazear, G., Crossey, L.J. and Crow, R., 2012. Mantle-driven dynamic uplift of the Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plateau and its surface response: Toward a unified hypothesis. Lithosphere, 4(1), pp.3-22.

Papers under consideration

Papers to consider

  • Burov, E. and Gerya, T., 2014. Asymmetric three-dimensional topography over mantle plumes. Nature, 513(7516), p.85.

  • Cloetingh, S., Tibaldi, A. and Burov, E., 2012. Coupled Deep Earth and surface processes and their impact on geohazards. Global and Planetary Change, 90, pp.1-19.

  • Spasojevic, S., Gurnis, M. and Sutherland, R., 2010. Mantle upwellings above slab graveyards linked to the global geoid lows. Nature Geoscience, 3(6), p.435.

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