Juxta is an open-source tool for comparing and collating multiple witnesses to a single textual work. It applies a base text approach to aligning and comparing witnesses, meaning that one witness acts as a baseline for comparison. Juxta's stand alone interface offers side by side comparison of aligned texts, annotating identified variants and correspondences, and various high level variant visualisations such as a heat map and histogram of variants (which may be particularly useful for comparison of longer texts). Like CollateX Juxta can by means of its API also be used as web service or a software component to integrate with other software. Juxta is written in Java thus running on virtually any computer platform. JuxtaCommons is a further development of Juxta that allows it to be interfaced over the Web.


– Gil, Alex. 2012. “On Sequences, Noise and Juxta.” Elotroalex. WordPress blog. Available at http://elotroalex.webfactional.com/?s=noise+juxta [accessed 6 June 2014]


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