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Title: Degree Structure - Atmospheric Sciences (2020-2023)  
Author: Emmy Pusula 2019-03-08
Last Changed by: Tiina Hasari 2022-08-12
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Opetussuunnitelma (53)     Page: FYS2075 Meritieteen peruskurssi
    Page: ATM306 Basics of atmospheric chemistry (2020-2023)
    Page: FYS2072 Siirtoilmiöt
    Page: ATM355 Atmospheric General Circulation I (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM388 Sustainability and the Arts (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM328 Global biogeochemical cycles (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM333 Turbulence Theory (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM385 Introduction to sustainability (2020-2023)
    Page: PAP303 Statistical Inverse Methods
    Page: ATM358 Atmospheric photochemistry and reaction kinetics (2020-2023)
    Page: FYS2001 Termofysiikan perusteet
    Page: ATM348 Dynamics of Atmospheric Flow Structures I (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM351 Mesometeorology (2020-2023)
    Page: FYS2035 Fysikaalinen klimatologia
    Page: ATM316 Numerical Meteorology II (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM324 Laboratory Course in Radar Meteorology (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM323 Advanced Course in Radar Meteorology (2020-2023)
    Page: FYS2076 Hydrologian peruskurssi
    Page: ATM322 Meteorological observation systems (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM352 Synoptic Meteorology I (2020-2023)
    Page: FYS2033 Ilmakehän virtausdynamiikan perusteet
    Page: ATM354 Cloud Physics (2020-2023)
    Page: FYS2034 Klimatologian perusteet
    Page: ATM315 Numerical Meteorology I (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM321 Field Course in Micrometeorology and Hydrology (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM347 Boundary Layer Physics I (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM390 Study module in Atmospheric Sciences (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM349 Dynamics of Atmospheric Flow Structures II (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM386 (2020-2023)
    Page: FYS2071 Aerosolifysiikka I
    Page: ATM353 Synoptic Meteorology II (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM356 Convective Weather Systems and Climate (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM357 Atmospheric Radiation (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM364 Laboratory Course in Synoptic Meteorology (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM317 Laboratory Course in Numerical Meteorology (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM393 Micro-credential in Sustainability, Study Module
    Page: ATM307 Atmospheric and aerosol chemistry (2020-2023)
    Page: FYS2031 Meteorologian ja säähavainnonteon perusteet
    Page: ATM310 Time Series Analysis in Geosciences (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM308 Statistical tools for climate and atmospheric science (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM332 Terrestrial water, carbon and nitrogen cycles (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM331 Theory of Micrometeorological Flux Measurements (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM320 Mass Spectrometry in Atmospheric Sciences and Environmental analysis (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM359 Eddy covariance intensive course (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM325 Satellite remote sensing methods in aerosol science (2020-2023)
    Page: FYS2073 Virtausilmiöt
    Page: ATM401 Practical Training (MSc)
    Page: ATM309 Analysis of atmosphere-surface interactions and feedbacks (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM387 Political Economy of Sustainability (2020-2023)
    Page: ATM362 Stratospheric Dynamics and Chemistry (2020-2023)
    Page: PAP314 Electromagnetic scattering and absorption
    Page: FYS2002 Termodynaamiset potentiaalit
    Page: FYS2032 Ilmakehän termodynamiikka