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    Page: Directed acyclic graph (DAG)
    Page: Autograph
    Page: Edition, eclectic
    Page: Saut du même au même
    Page: Error, indicative or significant
    Page: Edition, documentary
    Page: Alignment
    Page: Hyparchetype
    Page: Tree
    Page: Root
    Page: Lectio facilior
    Page: Method, maximum likelihood
    Page: Scribal conjecture
    Page: Sonderfehler
    Page: Copying of texts
    Page: Reeve, Michael D.
    Page: Parsimoniously informative
    Page: Codex unicus
    Page: Neo-Lachmannian Philology
    Page: Work
    Page: T-Rex method
    Page: Bootstrapping
    Page: Method, maximum parsimony
    Page: Phylogenetic networks, types of
    Page: Method, Leitfehler-based
    Page: Eliminatio codicum descriptorum
    Page: Symplesiomorphic
    Page: Fragment
    Page: Apograph
    Page: Reticulogram
    Page: Codex descriptus
    Page: Colophon
    Page: Path
    Page: Edition, diplomatic
    Page: Diffraction
    Page: Distance matrix
    Page: Polarisation
    Page: Descendant
    Page: Palaeography
    Page: Dictation
    Page: Graph
    Page: Recensio
    Page: Glyph
    Page: Scuola storica
    Page: Lectio difficilior, lectio potior
    Page: Node, internal
    Page: Lectio singularis
    Page: Interpolation
    Page: Normalisation
    Page: Recension, closed and open
    Page: Eliminatio lectionum singularium
    Page: Quentin, Henri
    Page: Gloss-incorporation
    Page: Abbreviations and editorial signs
    Page: Eigenfehler
    Page: Lachmann, Karl
    Page: Neighbour joining
    Page: Collation
    Page: Reading, primary
    Page: Timpanaro, Sebastiano
    Page: Codicology
    Page: Ancestor
    Page: Redaction
    Page: Text
    Page: Computer-assisted stemmatology
    Page: Examinatio
    Page: Outgroup
    Page: Cladistics
    Page: Maas, Paul
    Page: Contamination
    Page: Bayes' theorem
    Page: Divinatio
    Page: Media transmitting texts
    Page: Textual scholarship
    Page: Usus scribendi
    Page: Lacuna
    Page: Edition, best-manuscript
    Page: Set
    Page: Trennfehler
    Page: Bindefehler
    Page: Semstem
    Page: Consensus tree
    Page: Origin
    Page: Polygenesis
    Page: Scribe
    Page: Constitutio textus
    Page: StemmaWeb
    Page: Character
    Page: Apomorphic
    Page: Data formats
    Page: Schlyter, Carl Johan
    Page: Variance (Mathematical)
    Page: Edition, monotypic
    Page: Recension
    Page: Edition, critical
    Page: Error, separative
    Page: Conjecture
    Page: Transmission, types of
    Page: SplitsTree
    Page: Bifurcation
    Page: Witness
    Page: Reading, secondary
    Page: Juxta
    Page: CollateX
    Page: Vulgarisation
    Page: Branch
    Page: Chi-squared test
    Page: Dittography
    Page: Selectio
    Page: Error, conjunctive
    Home page: Parvum lexicon stemmatologicum
    Page: Exemplar
    Page: Taxon
    Page: Textual criticism
    Page: Version
    Page: Degree
    Page: Leaf
    Page: Leitfehler
    Page: Variant graph
    Page: Annotated Bibliography
    Page: Recentiores non deteriores
    Page: Edge
    Page: Haplography
    Page: Split
    Page: Exemplar shift
    Page: Codex
    Page: Irigoin, Jean
    Page: Homoplasy
    Page: Tradition, indirect
    Page: Cladogram
    Page: Reticulation
    Page: APE
    Page: PAUP
    Page: Archetype
    Page: Error, types of
    Page: Apparatus
    Page: Emendatio ex fonte
    Page: Lachmann's method
    Page: New Philology
    Page: PHYLIP
    Page: Contini, Gianfranco
    Page: Data formats for character data
    Page: Variant location
    Page: Codex interpositus
    Page: Phylogenetic tree
    Page: Edition, digital
    Page: Phylogram
    Page: Transmission
    Page: Phylomemetics
    Page: RHM
    Page: NeighborNet
    Page: Node (vertex)
    Page: Tradition, artificial
    Page: Copyist
    Page: Methods, distance-based
    Page: Copy
    Page: Copy text
    Page: Combinatio
    Page: Jukes-Cantor model
    Page: Original
    Page: Innovation
    Page: Mouvance
    Page: Codex optimus
    Page: Document
    Page: Locus criticus
    Page: Data formats for textual data
    Page: Likhachov, Dmitrij Sergeevich
    Page: Paris, Gaston
    Page: Data formats for trees
    Page: R (Statistical Programming Language)
    Page: Diasystem
    Page: Material accident
    Page: Facsimile
    Page: Edition, synoptic
    Page: Stemweb
    Page: Plesiomorphic
    Page: Tradition
    Page: Manuscript
    Page: Reconstruction
    Page: Bayesian phylogenetics
    Page: Bédier, Joseph
    Page: Contamination, extra-stemmatic
    Page: Reading
    Page: Phylogenetics
    Page: Loss rate (of witnesses)
    Page: Stemmatics
    Page: Cladorama
    Page: Revision
    Page: Tree, unrooted
    Page: Redactor
    Page: Dispositio
    Page: Editions, history of
    Page: Omission
    Page: Segre, Cesare
    Page: Reference text
    Page: Subarchetype
    Page: Stemma
    Page: Gloss
    Page: Lectio brevior, lectio potior
    Page: Stemmatology
    Page: Bifid / binary / bifurcating / bipartite
    Page: Emendatio
    Page: Cycle
    Page: Editions, types of
    Page: Siglum
    Page: MrBayes
    Page: Error
    Page: Analysis of forms
    Page: Anasyllabism
    Page: Reading, variant
    Page: Havet, Pierre Antoine Louis
    Page: ! Quick help
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    Home page: Parvum lexicon stemmatologicum
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