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Wednesday 6.10.2021 12-14
Ulla Karhumäki

Title: Pseudofinite groups of finite centraliser dimension


Wednesday 13.10.2021 12-14
Fan Yang:

Title: Intermediate logics in the team semantics setting

Abstract: Several authors have recently defined intuitionistic logic based on team semantics (tIPC). In this work in progress we provide two alternative approaches to intermediate logics in the team semantics setting. We do this by modifying tIPC with axioms written with the two different versions of disjunction in the logic, a local one \/ and a global one \\/. In the first approach we prove some completeness results by using the \\/-disjunctive normal form of the logic. In the second approach we generalize the standard team semantics by considering the powerset P(W) (i.e., the set of all teams in an Intuitionistic Kripke model) with an arbitrary partial order (instead of the standard superset relation between teams).

This is a joint work with Nick Bezhanishvili.