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  • Matriisilaskennan sovellukset, syksy 2012

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The exercise assistants are Tuomas Nikkonen, Zenith Purisha and Maaria Rantala.

Exercise 1 (12.-16.11.2012) Exercise01.pdf 
You will need these Matlab files: regressio.m and Xraymatrix.m.


Exercise 2 (19.-23.11.2012) Exercise02.pdfkissa.mOperaattorilasku.pdfMarkovtest.m


Exercise 3 (26.-30.11.2012) Exercise03.pdfim2by2.mPCA2.mPCA4.mdatapoints.matPCA3D_plot.mBart1.m.


Exercise 4 (3.-7.12.2012) Exercise04.pdfGauss_2D.mradiosity2.m.


Image Removed Exercise 5 (last exercise) (10.-14.12.2012) Exercise05.pdf, circle.mAaction.mgmrestest.m, radiosity5.m


A reminder of the email practise of returning your solutions:

only a pdf file sent in time and containing all the codes, images, answers and explanations that are requested on the exercise assignment, will give you the score. Tsemppiä!

The score from exercises 1-5: Matriisilaskennan_sovellukset_v6julk.pdf (updated December 20).

Please send email to if you think there is a mistake in your score.