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  • Variational methods in quasiconformal geometry and nonlinear elasticity, spring 2012

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FiDiPro, Helsinki University


I will assume basic knowledge of measure theory, integration, analytic functions and some functional analysis.

To make these lectures available to students whose mathematical knowledge may be limited, every effort will be made to reduce to a minimum the technical details and mathematical requirements. No prior exposure to these topics is assumed.


Weeks 3-9 and 11-18, Friday 12-14 in room C123. The first lecture is on Friday the 20th of January.

Easter holiday 5.4.-11.4.


There will be no exams or exercise sessions held. Instead, students will be evaluated based on their participation on the lectures. You are invited to pursue the exercises given occasionally during the course.



Did you forget to register? What to doNotes will be provided during the course.

Registration at the first lecture.