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  • Analyyttinen lukuteoria, syksy 2011

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The course is over. Thanks for participation!


1. set (Fr. 23.9) (suggestions for solutions)

2. set (Fr. 21.10) (suggestions for solutions)

3. set (Fr. 04.11) (suggestions for solutions)

4. set (Fr. 18.11) (suggestions for solutions)

5. set (Fr. 9.12) (suggestions for solutions)

Lecture notes

Sketches of the lectures


Prime number theorem, basic properties of the Riemann Zeta-function, Dirichlet's theorem on primes in arithmetic sequences. If time allows
we will also consider other themes like applications of exponential sums or distribution of characters. 

Lecture notes





Number Theory and Function Theory II (or equivalent background; from the Function Theory II course one basically needs only the first 40%). Knowledge of measure theory is also recommended.