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  • Second Course in Statistics, spring 2011

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Second Course in Statistics (Parts 1 and 2), spring 2011


Pekka Pere


5+5 cu.


Basic studies (perusopinnot). The course is tailored to students of the Faculty of Social Sciences, but students from other disciplines are welcome, too.


The course Introduction to Statistics or equivalent.


Thursday 12-14. PR AUD XVIII (university main building; the older part) 20.1.-3.3., PR AUD IV 17.3.-14.4.
Friday 12-14. PR AUD XVII (university main building; the older part) 21.1.-25.2., PR AUD XVII 18.3.-15.4.

The lectures and the exercises are cancelled due to the small number of participants. The intermediate examinations will nevertheless be arranged. Please contact university lecturer Pekka Pere if you are coming to the intermediate examinations. The required material is described here (together with a suggestion for a study time table).

The original (cancelled) time schedule is below.

20.1. (Thu)
21.1. (Fri)
27.1. (Thu) 1st ex.
28.1. (Fri)
3.2. (Thu) 2nd ex.
4.2. (Fri)
10.2. (Thu) 3rd ex.
11.2. (Fri)
17.2. (Thu) 4th ex.
18.2. (Fri)
24.2. (Thu) 5th ex.
25.2. (Fri)

2.3. (ke) 1. intermediate examination. PII (Porthania in the city centre campus), 14.00-17.00.

3.3. (Thu) 6th ex.
4.3. (Fri) Lecture exceptionally at PR AUD IX.

The brake between the periods (7.-13.3.).

17.3. (Thu)
18.3. (Fri)
24.3. (Thu) 7th ex.
25.3. (Fri)
31.3. (Thu) 8th ex.
1.4. (Fri)
7.4. (Thu) 9th ex.
8.4. (Fri)
14.4 (Thu) 10th ex.
15.4. (Fri)

Easter (21.-27.4.).

28.4. (Thu) 2. intermediate examination. PII (Porthania in the city centre campus), 9.00-12.00.


The exercise groups take place on Thursdays 14-16. The detailed time schedule and the lecture rooms for the exercise groups are listed here.

1st set of exercises (misprint corrected 24.1.) 1st set of solutions
2nd set of exercises


Students should take a pocket calculator to the exam. Students are not allowed to take their own tables to the exam. The tables needed - along with the most important formulae - are given in the exam.

2.3. (ke) 1. intermediate examination. PII (Porthania in the centre campus), 14.00-17.00.
28.4. (Thu) 2. intermediate exam. PII (Porthania in the centre campus), 9.00-12.00.
The renewal exam is in the general examination 17.5.


Sheldon M. Ross (2010): Introductory Statistics, Third edition . The lectures will be based on the book, so students are strongly encouraged to buy it.

Other material

Table of the Standard Normal distribution
Other tables

A description of the Normal distribution
Impact of the maginitude of the parameters on the distribution

On the law of large numbers
The central limit theorem and its animation
The central limit theorem II
Binomial probability calculator
Convergence of the binomial distribution to the normal distribution or the bean machine
A more detailed explanation of the bean machine
A real bean machine , another and a third and the quickest one . A simulated bean machine

On type I and type II errors

Sigificance testing in action (climate change example)

Continuity correction of the normal approximation

Statistical calculators (e.g. for p-values)

Registration for part 1

Registration for part 2

Did you forget to register? What to do.