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Weeks 36-41, Mon 16-18 in room C123, Wed 10-12 in room B120. *As of September 29, we covered chapters 1 and 2, up to 2.4. We also covered the beginning of example 2.33.*

Exams: Mid-term exam October 20th, 10-12, room B120. The exam will be drawn exactly from the homework problems modulo changes of parameters. So if you can do all the homework problems, you can ace the test! Note: If you need the extra time, you can also take the exam on November 4rth. Write to me before October 20th to reserve this option.


We use the text "Linear Algebra" by David Poole, 2nd edition. The course will cover most of chapters 1,2 and 3.

Exams: The exam for Linear Algebra 1 is on Thursday November 4, 12-14 in room B120.


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