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Leonie-Helen Bogl: Dietary Factors, Obesity and Serum Lipoprotein Profile: A Nutritional Epidemiological Study in Young Adult Twins. Helsingin yliopisto 2014 (read)

Mikko Lehtovirta: Heritability of Type 2 Diabetes and Related Traits. Helsingin yliopisto 2014.  (lue)

Katariina Rintakoski: Sleep Bruxism - Genetic Factors and Psychoactive Substances. Studies in Finnish twins. Helsingin yliopisto 2014. (read).

Minna Ståhl: Non-specific Neck Pain in Preadolescent to Adolescent Populations. Helsingin yliopisto 2014. (read).

Milla Linna: Reproductive and Psychological Outcomes of Eating Disorders. Helsingin yliopisto 2014 (read).