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GitLab based version control system for Helsinki University's projects

This service is meant for both internal and shared projects. All data is backed up nightly and stored in the university's data center in Helsinki. Additionally, access can be granted to people not affiliated with UH. This makes the service ideal for research collaboration.
Anyone with a UH user account can use the service: it is not limited to researchers only but is suitable for student projects as well.
For the moment there is no limit on the number of projects per user.

News & notes

  • 4.5.2017: banned IP-addresses after just a few failed logins and those bans lasted for one week. Currently ban time has been adjusted to one hour.  If you have had trouble connecting to, this is the probable cause.

User accounts & login

  • If you have a University of Helsinki user account, use University Account login (1)
  • Otherwise if you are member of HAKA federation use the HAKA login (2)
    • this means your account is tagged as an external user
    • external users are not allowed to create own projects or groups.
    • external users can collaborate when University of Helsinki user  invites external user to the project or group
  • If you need to grant access to someone who doesn't have a University of Helsinki user or HAKA account, please contact
    • make sure to include the e-mail address  and name of the person that needs to use the service 
    • These users are also tagged as an external users

Using the service

  • When pushing/pulling/cloning etc. always use an SSH keyfor authentication
    • using password authentication multiple times leads to your IP address being blocked
  • Was your IP address blocked?
    • please contact and remember to include your IP address
    • you can still work over HTTPS
  • You can control your repository's privacy settings: private, internal (visible to logged-in users) or public
    • groups can be used to grant access to multiple people
    • group or project owners can invite people in their projects if they have access to

Further help

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