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  • First make a backup of your data. This applies even if you don't want to run the script yourself. 
  • You don't need administrator (sudo) rights to run the script. Just write your password.
  • Start your preferred terminal application and run  command: cubbli-upgrade or

  • From the UH-Menu select Upgrade Cubbli version (might not yet be available)
  • Follow instructions.
  • The machine will restart automatically after the first download is finished. You should log out of your session before that happens. Upgrade and the download will continue in the background. 
  • After the upgrade is finished, follow these first login instructions.

Running the upgrade

  Edit: 1721.02.2022 - Starting from the menu might not menu  should be available on if your computer yet. This will be implemented in the near future. If this is the case, has the most recent updates. If you don't, you can wait for a while and reboot your computer. Or you can skip →

Starting the script from the UH-Menu

You are currently reading the instructions, so you can click Start Upgrade

New terminal window opens (Just write your password)