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Table of contents

Table of Contents

The concept of "trust"

The concept of "trust" exist between a user/group/department/project/community and providers. A provider can add a a user/group/department/project/community to the trust tab. This allows admins of a provider to be also admins of the a user/group/department/project/community. This means that the admin of the provider has the full rights to edit the user/group/department/project/community -settings.

How to enable "trust"

Trust needs to be enabled by a provider admin and an admin of the respective user/group/department/project/community. 

The provider admin needs to open the "Trust" tab of the provider settings. There a user/group/department/project/community can be added. The status of the trust request is now pending until the admin of the user/group/department/project/community changes the status in their settings.

Trust tab of provider settingsAdd a organization to trust

After a provider admin send a trust request the user/group/department/project/community admin (in this example a organization) needs to open the respective settings and then go to the tab "Provider" and sub-tab "Trusted". There the trust request is show as pending. It can be deleted by clicking on the lock symbol or be approved by clicking on the arrow symbol. If the status is approved it will be also visible for provider admin in "Trust" tab of provider settings. 

Organization admin opens organization settingsOrganization admin accepts trust requestOrganization admin turns admin function on

After the trust request is approved the admins of the provider can be enabled ("on" button) or disabled ("off" button) as admins of the user/group/department/project/community. 

provider admin is now also organization admin