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Table of contents

Table of Contents

What are Add-ons?

Add-ons can be booked additionally to resources. It is possible that one Add-on can be booked to multiple resources but once it is booked it is not available for the other ones anymore. For example add-ons can be microscope objectives, projectors for a room, etc.

Create Add-ons

Add-ons are created the same way as any new resource. The process of how a new resource is created can be found here. But while creating a new resource you need to choose "Scheduled (Add-on)" as "Resource Class". After creating an Add-on it needs to be assigned to a resource. This can happen in two ways:

1) Choosing a resource for an Add-on

Open the resource settings of the Add-on and select the tab "Added to". When you click on "Add to resource" all possible resources will be listed. You can select them by ticking the boxes on the right side and then click "Update filter" to add them.

Add resource to add-onSelect resources for add-on

2) Add the Add-on to a resource

Open the resource settings of the resource to you want to add your Add-on to and select the tab "Add-ons". Click on "Add Add-on" and select the Add-ons by ticking the boxes. Then click "Apply selection" to add them.

Add add-on to resourceSelect add-ons for resouce

Booking resources with Add-ons

A resource with Add-ons can be booked like any other resource. The tab "Add-on" appears if there are Add-ons available to the resource. In braces the number of available Add-ons is shown. When you click on the tab you can book all wanted Add-ons by clicking on the buttons. The button "Add-ons" in the timeline of a resource shows the booking timeline for the resource an all its Add-ons. 

Book resource with add-onsSelect the add-ons while bookingBooking timeline for add-ons