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The PhysHIP wellbeing group met for its first meeting for the academic year 2022-2023. The main topic of the meeting was the restructuring of the board and a preliminary plan of the groups activities for the academic year. We agreed upon the new chair (Dr. Eleanna Asvestari) and vice chair (Dr. Waldemar Kulig) and welcomed two new members, Dr. Dimitrios Irodotou, and Amina Djurabekova. We initiated the planning of the upcoming Department Christmas coffee event, and also discussed upon a list of future events focusing this year both on our regular fun activities and on enabling discussion on wellbeing matters, in particular with focus on the career development of early career staff.


  • Call for getting more members
  • Department's Christmas coffee event
  • Code of conduct implementation plan updates

The PhysHIP wellbeing group met to discuss two main pressing topics for this year, the Department's Christmas coffee details and the implementation plan of the Code of Conduct. We initiated the meeting with discussing shortly how to invite more members to the board. The final conclusion was that the chair would write an advertising email to the staff and also try to introduce the wellbeing board during our social events. Some of the details (date, time, budget, activities) of the Department's Christmas coffee event were discussed. At the end, we talked about what kind of things could be added to the implementation plan.