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  1. TAGS
    • Easy Twitter monitoring from within Google sheets. Still requires an API key.
    • Added: 18.11.2021. Verified: ?
  2. Postman
    • A desktop and web application that allows you to make requests to an API from a graphical user interface, offered by Twitter.
    • Added: 18.11.2021. Verified: ?
  3. Atlas.TI
    • The popular qualitative analysis software also offers options to make queries to Twitter Search API.
    • Added: 18.11.2021. Verified: ?
  4. DMI-TCAT 
    • Retrieve and collect tweets from Twitter and analyse them in various ways. The software requires API access and a server where to install it.
    • Added: 18.11.2021. Verified: ?
  5. Mecodify
    • Similar to T-CAT: tweet collection, simple analyses and visualization. Own server and API access required, also instructions for Amazon AWS free service provided.
    • Added: 18.11.2021. Verified: ?14.12.2022.
  6. Netlytic
    • Netlytic is especially made for pedagogical and learning purposes, but some research papers have been published utilizing Netlytic.
    • Capture publicly available posts from social media sites or other sources (Twitter, YouTube, RSS Feed or text/csv file)
    • Discover popular topics
    • Find and explore emerging themes of discussions
    • Build, visualize and analyse online communication networks using social network analysis
    • Map geo-coded social media data
    • Added: 18.11.2021. Verified: ?
  7. Socioviz
    • Scrape and collect
    • Analyse any topic, term or hashtag
    • Identify key influencers, opinions and contents
    • Export data to your favorite Social Network Analysis tool
    • Tutorials and instructions for Socioviz are found on their webpage.
    • Added: 18.11.2021. Verified: ?
  8. NodeXL
    • Excel-based tool for data collection and scraping, network visualizations and key statistics. Basic version is free.
    • Only for Windows.
    • See also Social Media Research Foundation student license
    • Added: 18.11.2021. Verified: ?
  9. Chorus
    • Chorus is a free, evolving, data harvesting and visual analytics suite designed to facilitate and enable social science research using Twitter data.
    • Made for social scientists for research purposes
    • Added: 18.11.2021. Verified: ?
  10. Twitonomy
    • Twitonomy is an app you can use to get information from your own account and from the accounts of others.
    • Added: 18.11.2021. Verified: ?
  11. Osome  Observatory on Social Media Overview
    • Allows you to submit queries to a massive social media database
    • Given a set of Twitter hashtags and a time period, you can count the number of matching tweets, generate a time series, count the number of tweets from each user or just list matching Tweet IDs.
    • You can subsequently utilize Twitter's REST API to retrieve more information about tweets or users of interest.
    • This API is provided on behalf of an academic institution (Indiana University) for the sole purpose of non-commercial research (
    • Added: 18.11.2021. Verified: ?


  1. Twurl
  2. Poll.emic
    • Data collecting, especially egocentric networks, visualization
    • Added: 18.11.2021. Verified: ?
  3. Python-twitter
    • This library provides a pure Python interface for the Twitter API.
    • Added: 18.11.2021. Verified: ?
  4. Pattern
    • Data mining: Google, Twitter, Wikipedia
    • Tools for data mining (Google, Twitter and Wikipedia API, a web crawler, a HTML DOM parser), natural language processing (part-of-speech taggers, n-gram search, sentiment analysis, WordNet), machine learning (vector space model, clustering, SVM), network analysis and canvas visualization
    • Added: 18.11.2021. Verified: ?
  5. Finnish language Twitter is being continuously collected since April 2020 by the Human Sciences – Computing Interaction (HSCI) research group at the University of Helsinki (kudos to Eetu Mäkelä!). The tweet id's provided can be used to download the full tweets from the Twitter API. Added: 18.11.2021. Verified: ?
  6. The Tweets Sampling Toolkit is a python toolkit contains a set of tools for 1) creating a random sample from massive (100M+) Tweet ID datasets and for 2) performing set operations with Tweet ID datasets .

Subject to a fee

  1. Discovertext
  2. NVIVO
  3. Tweetarchivist
  4. Legentic/Mohawk offers comprehensive access to Finnish language twitter data