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  • Inverse Scattering - The Time Dependent Approach, fall 2007

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Inverse Scattering - The Time Dependent Approach, fall 2007


Ricardo Weder


5 sp.


Advance studies.

Course notes

See this page for the course notes in pdf form.


The lectures will take place on Mondays at 14-16, alternating between Exactum (room B120) and TKK (room U345, from 5.11. on U262). The Inverse problems seminar this fall will therefore consist of Professor Weder's lectures. The first lecture is on Monday, 17 Sep, at 14-16 in Exactum B120. The lectures will last until the end of the semester.


1. A brief introduction to scattering theory.

The wave and scattering operators. Definition and main properties. The definition of the scattering matrix from the scattering operator. The relation to the stationary (time-independent) method. The limiting absorption principle. The stationary formula for the scattering matrix. The scattering amplitude and the scattering solutions.

2. Propagation properties of free wave packets that evolve under the Schrödinger equation without potential. The method of stationary phase.

3. Two-body short-range potentials.

High-energy estimates for the wave and scattering operators. Reconstruction of the potential from the high-energy limit inverting the Radon transform.

4. Inverse scattering by magnetic fields.

The Aharonov-Bohm effect. Reconstruction of the regular magnetic potential and the hidden magnetic flux.

5. Inverse Scattering for the non-linear Schrödinger equation with a potential.

Definition of the non-linear scattering operator. Reconstruction of the scattering operator of the linearized equation from the low-energy limit of the non-linear scattering operator and reconstruction of the potential. Reconstruction of the non-linearity from the non-linear scattering operator with reference dynamics containing the potential. Application to the reconstruction of the parameters of a quantum capacitor.

6. Depending on the time available and on the interest of the students other topics will be discussed. For example. Inverse scattering by two-body long-range potentials. Inverse scattering for N-body systems with short- and long-range potentials. Inverse scattering of two clusters (atom-atom scattering ), reconstruction of the effective potential. Inverse scattering for the non-linear Klein-Gordon equation.



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