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The latest version of the Wellbeing @ HIP poster can be found here, with the information also available below.


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  (last updated 11.05.2021)

  1. Remember that everyone has the right to feel safe and respected at work

    Kumpula Campus Code of Conduct:
    – applies to everyone visiting or working on the Kumpula Campus.

  2. In case of bullying, abuse, harassment, or other unpleasant behavior CONTACT:

    1. Your supervisor (@HIP: Djurabekova, Huitu, Rummukainen, Tuominen, Tuomisto, Voutilainen, Väihkönen, Österberg)
    2. Your supervisor’s supervisor (@HIP: director Katri Huitu)
    3. UH harassment contact persons:,
    4. Kumpula HR manager:
    5. UH occupational safety officer:
    6. Kumpula occupational safety representative:, deputy
    7. Your union representatives (depends on your union, check Flamma)
    8. The Kumpula Physics wellbeing group:

  3. In case of stress, burnout, or issues in your personal life, etc. CONTACT:

    1. Mehiläinen occupational health nurse @ Kumpula:
    2. Worry Chat in OmaMehiläinen application

      (Grant-holders: only public health centers)

  4. More info @ UH webpage
    1. Equality, diversity and accessibility at the University:
  5. More info @ Flamma:

    1. Suomeksi: Flamman pääsivu: ”Palvelut ja ohjeet”: ”Hakemisto A-Ö”:
      1. H: ”Haastavat tilanteet työyhteisössä”
      2. T: ”Työsuojeluorganisaatio”
      3. Y: ”Yhteistoiminta ja luottamusmiehet”
    2. English: Flamma main page: “Services and instructions”: “Directory A-Ö”:
      1. C: “Challenging situations in the work community”
      2. O: “Occupational safety organisation”
      3. C: “Collective agreement, joint consultation and union representatives“

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