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  • The VM has Windows 10 1903 build and Office 365 pro plus installation available and nothing else. You need to install everything else yourself. 
  • The Windows image download is 12 gigabytes in size (even when compressed). You need a lot of time or a fast Internet connection to download it.  
  • There is no University of Helsinki customization.
  • The first thing you need to create when the VM starts are user accounts. Using the same user account name as your AD user account might help with some things.
  • ... or you can use your MS online user account. University of Helsinki AD user accounts do not work for this (yet). 
  • If you want to create a local offline Windows 10 account, start the Windows 10 VM first without network. Windows 10 installer allows offline account creation only when Internet is not available. 
  • You are free to create administrator and regular user accounts in the VM.
  • You can delete the VM and reinstall it from scratch, as long as you are running only one instance at a time. That is what the license permits.
  • The VM can't be transferred to another device (without reactivation) since the activation is tied to the physical device OEM license.
  • There is no easy and good way to share files between Windows host and Linux (yet). USB storage stick, OneDrive and Dropbox are probably easiest solutions. 
  • If you are a staff member, you can request an AD Windows installation instead. 
  • AD Windows usage instructions apply to these OEM Windows installation too. 


You can skip this step, if you already have cubbli-kvm package installed and you belong to the libvirt group. 

You need sudo rights to install the required KVM hypervisor.  With sudo rights run the following commands to install Qemu+KVM hypervisor and to give your user account access to the installed hypervisor.