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The In 2018 the Faculty of Science has in 2018 introduced teachers’ personal plans for pedagogical development. The aim is for all members of the teaching and research staff . Every member of the teaching and research staff should plan their personal development as a teacher. The goal is that permanent academic staff will have at least 25 cr of studies in university pedagogy. This will be factor in future appointments to academic positions. When you are making the plans for who provide instruction at the Faculty to develop as both researchers and teachers. The goal is for permanently employed teachers and researchers to complete studies worth at least 25 credits in university pedagogy in stages. This goal will be taken into account when making permanent appointments in the future.

When planning your teaching and research duties, please also complete your Personal also draw up a personal plan for pedagogical development. This page contains instructions for how to draw up your plan. Book a meeting with one of the provides related instructions. You can book an appointment with the Faculty's senior lecturers in university pedagogy at the faculty to process the plan version you want. We can be reached in office A123 in Chemicum, through the mailing list if you wish to discuss your plan with someone. We work in room A123 at Chemicum. You can also email us at, and by phone.Regards from senior lecturers in university pedagogy Jokke Häsä and Liisa Myyry (@helsinki. fi)

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1.1. Your future teaching, supervision and guidance duties