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Remote Desktop BIU VM 2

Main use: General General use virtual workstation mostly for image processing and analysisBIU internal testing and running scripts.

Total system failure 27.3.2023, system reinstalled from scratch


  • Huygens Professional by Scientific Volume Imaging, 3D and 4D data deconvolution with confocal, wide-field and time modules; data visualization and analysis.
  • Huygens Localizer
  • Imaris Viewer
  • Fiji/ImageJ, image processing and analysisICY,   image processing and analysis (good for big data)QuPath 0.2.3, for digital pathology and whole slide image analysis
  • Zen by Carl Zeiss Microscopy (blue lite)
  • Leica Application Suite X (LAS X) by Leica Microsystem
  • NIS Viewer by Nikon
  • Matlab by MathWorks
  • Ilastik, image processing software mainly for classification and segmentation.
  • CellProfiler, image processing and analysis
  • Anaconda
  • R and R studio, statistical analysis
  • CTvox, uCT analysisOlympus OlyVIA freeware