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Wellbeing in our Village of Physics


The Work Wellbeing group at the Department of Physics aims at 1) Increasing work wellbeing, 2) decreasing to:

  1. Increase work wellbeing
  2. Decrease work ill-being
, and 3) monitoring
  1. Monitoring the work wellbeing

We were established in connection to with the wellbeing survey in 2017. We act as a point of first contact in for any difficult situations an employee might have, and advice advise how to solve problems in with work wellbeing. We organise the Physics Department Colloquium, focussing in on creating an interesting venue for social networking. We also organise events, provide information for the wellbeing surveys, analyse the results of those surveys, and make our Department's wellbeing planWellbeing Plan. We report from our activities directly to the steering group of the Department.

This wiki page is for most important information that an employee might need.

Feel free to contact us!

Minna Palmroth (chair), Ilpo Vattulainen (co-chair), Flyura Djurabekova, Outi Haapanen, Thomas Hackman, Simo Huotari, Venus Keus, Waldemar Kulig, Tuire Savolainen, Eija Tuominen, Lucille Turc, Aleksi Vuorinen and David Weir.

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