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Wellbeing in our Village of Physics


· Wellbeing in general

· What is the purpose of this Wiki web page

· Who are we, and why each of us is here in this team?

Main sources of primary information

· Information for Dummies: What you have always wanted to know about our unit but were too afraid to ask (PDF / booklet is currently in preparation?)

· Flamma

· Ask your group members & colleagues

For new employees

· The above package

· What to do during your 1st week at work to get keys, account, UniSport, etc. (Tuire?)

· How the university administration in our unit works?


· Sources of funding for science

· Support teams helping in preparing proposals

· Career services

Practical information for employees

· Instructions for traveling (Tuire?)

· How to book rooms for meetings

· Where to get supplies?

· You need computer infrastructure. What to do?

Having a good life at work and outside office

· Entertainment in terms of physics and chemistry seminars/colloquia

· Would you like to render our family happy by organizing social events? Here are instructions.

· Links to life in Helsinki (movies, City of Helsinki, Ballet, Arts Exhibitions)

· Restaurants

· Do you have second-hand stuff to buy or cell? Use the university service.


· Health care system

· Have you been subject to any sort of harassment?

Other important stuff

· Is any important theme missing from above, let us know, or provide this information here! We are open to suggestions!

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