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 Wellbeing in our Village of Physics


The departmental wellbeing groups support and improve work well-being. The well-being groups’ role is to increase the community spirit and support the integration of new employees by e.g. planning recreational activities as agreed with the Head of Department. The groups’ role is also to raise awareness of wellbeing issues, monitor the well-being of the community members, and share best practices. Wellbeing group can also deal with other issues, if so agreed on with the Head of Department.

We were established in connection with the wellbeing survey in 2017, with a remit to cover the Department of Physics and HIP on the Kumpula campus. We act as a point of first contact for any difficult situations an employee might have, and advise how to solve problems with work wellbeing. We organise the Physics Department Colloquium to foster social networking and to promote fascinating science. We also organise events, provide information for the wellbeing surveys, analyse the results of those surveys, and develop the Department of Physics Wellbeing Plan. We report from our activities directly to the steering group of the Department.

This wiki page is for most important information that an employee might need.

Feel free to contact us!

Currently active members:

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