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– – Timpanaro, Sebastiano. 1981. La genesi del metodo del Lachmann. 2nd ed. Padova: Liviana. – 1st ed., Firenze: Le Monnier, 1963.
– ———. 2005. The Genesis of Lachmann’s Method. Translated by Glenn W. Most. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. – Translated from Timpanaro 1981.
– Trovato, Paolo, 2014. Everything you always wanted to know about Lachmann’s method: a non-standard handbook of genealogical textual criticism in the age of post-structuralism, cladistics, and copy-text; foreword by Michael D. Reeve. Firenze: edizioni.

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DE: extrastemmatische Kontamination
FR: contamination extrastemmatique
IT: contaminazione extrastemmatica