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In order to design a robust Pecube model geometry, it is helpful to compile all of the available data that might constrain the model. Below is a list of items to consider. Incorporating as many of these items as possible will ensure your model honors available geologic constraints.

  • Regional DEM: DEM at a resolution of 250m or higher. The spatial extent of the region you intend to model should obviously include all of your data with some ‘padding’ around the edges of the dataset. This ‘padding’ is additional area included in the model domain. As a guideline, you should add length/width to the model extent that is at least 1 and preferably 3 times the topographic wavelength of regional topography.
  • Topographic evolution: Are there constraints on the topographic evolution of the region? Consider items such as the timing of any glaciation, fault activity, uplifted reference surfaces, etc. within the model domain.